About the Author

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

I work as a Software Guy for Index Data, a tiny multinational software house based in Denmark and the USA. In my spare time, I am a researcher in palaeontology, affiliated with the University of Bristol.

A programmer over 33 years, I have coded extensively in the areas of metadata, full-text searching, and information retrieval.

My interest in scholarly open-access publishing began in 2009 when I was writing about the problem of long-term preservation of electronic publications, and realised that OA is (among many other things) the solution to this problem.

Most of my open-access advocacy is in the Shiny Digital Future section of the Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week web-site, but I’ve also written on the subject for Times Higher Education, The Guardian, The Independent, The Scientist, Techdirt and more.

All my publications are available on my website.

My email address is mike@miketaylor.org.uk.

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